Youth and Children's Ministry


We take seriously our role to train up your Youth. We live in a day and age where Church seems unimportant, irrelevant and boring. 

We strive hard to engage the youth, make Youth Life exciting and relevant while not minimizing the truth of Gods word.

We have something for your youth every Sunday morning at (am and very wed. mid week at 6pm  

Give your youth Life by sending them to "Youth Life" at 

Golden Valley Baptist Church


We love our Children and believe they are God's blessing to us.  (God made no mistakes by any child, youth or adult)

And we celebrate them.  We have something for them at every service.

Sunday 9:00am Sunday School

Sunday 10:30am Childrens Church

Wednesday 6pm C/A's Children in Action

We would love to minister to your children during our ministry times.  Have them come and join us.  

Your Childrens SAFETY is IMPORTANT to us.

The safety of every baby, child or youth that enters  our church is extremely important to us.

Every person, driver, teacher, worker and helper that works with our babies, children and youth are required t go through an extensive criminal background test.  There is no exceptions.